Saturday, 16 October 2010

About me

Zoltán Connell
Burley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I'm in the final stages of a BA in Human Geography major with Transport Planning minor at the University of Leeds. I share a crap house from a questionable landlord and I enjoy American fiction from the 20th Century, strange indie music and things related to Nordic countries (and I enjoy very much when the latter two things are combined, creating Dungen, Seabear, Tv-resistori and so forth).

I spend a lot of time thinking over things I observe in my home cities and others, and a lot of that time scheming things that could be done. Especially so with the three years of my BA having fostered my interest in Urban Theory, Transportation Planning, Public Space, That very paternalistic tradition of modernist architecture and planning, those things that make cities function in the way people tend to like, and so on and so forth, getting further from succinct academic categories, and towards vague and rambling descriptions. In this blog, I hope to share the parts of that I think to be sufficiently sensible and readable.


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